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Athletic Policies

Title IX Policies

Procedure for Assessment of Student-Athlete Interests & Abilities
In order to assess whether the interests and abilities of all student-athletes are being effectively accommodated, Black Hills State University will:

  • Publicize its procedures for club teams or individuals to request varsity status for their sport. An advertisement will be placed annually in the student newspaper and will be placed on the university athletics website.
  • Conduct a survey of interest of the student body to determine if any changes have occurred in student interests and abilities every two (2) years.
  • Monitor the NCAA list of sponsored and emerging sports to identify new sports that may be viable compared with club sports currently existing at Black Hills State University.

Procedure for Requesting the Addition of New Intercollegiate Sports
The University recognizes that students may desire new sports be added to the intercollegiate athletics program at Black Hills State University. In order to facilitate and process such requests when they occur, the University Department of Athletics has established procedures and forms for this purpose.

Any student or other person who desires that a new intercollegiate sport be added to the intercollegiate athletics program at Black Hills State University may make such a request by petitioning the Department of Athletics using the Request for Addition of an Intercollegiate Sports Form. The use of this form will assist in generating the information needed for the University to make a decision regarding the requested addition to the athletics program.

The person desiring the addition of a new intercollegiate sport should identify themselves on the form as the “contact person” so that authorities with the Department of Athletics will know who to contact for follow-up on the request. The contact person should, to the extent possible, identify persons who are interested in additional intercollegiate sports and who are willing to participate. It is important that this student information be as accurate and complete as possible because this will be very helpful in enabling the University to assess the request. Additional forms are available in the office of the Director of Athletics upon request. It is important to list the colleges and universities within our area that sponsor the requested sport, if known by the requesting person. Such colleges and universities should be accessible to Spearfish, South Dakota and within a 300-400 mile radius and/or within a 6-8 hour drive of Spearfish.

After completion of the form, the contact person should return the form to the office of the Director of Athletics. The request will then be evaluated by the Director of Athletics, the senior administrators in the Department of Athletics, and the campus athletics committee. These persons shall conduct a hearing at which all interested persons may appear and present their point of view with respect to the desirability of adding the intercollegiate sport. The University officials participating in the hearing shall consider such factors as availability of competition, number of students interested in participating in the sport, as well as the skill level they possess, availability of practice and game facilities, and costs to the University in making a determination on the request. Officials of the Department of Athletics may also confer with other administrative officials of the University for additional information pertinent to the request.

After a determination is made, all interested persons whose names and addresses are presented on the Request for Addition of an Intercollegiate Sports Form will be notified of the determination by the Department of Athletics. In the event that the request is granted and a recommendation is made for the addition of the sport, the office of the Director of Athletics will assume responsibility for keeping the interested parties informed as to the progress being made in funding and establishing the new intercollegiate sport.

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